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About Me

Building Connections

What happens when you allow life obstacles to drive you away from your potential? For me, it resulted in my incarceration as a youth, serving 15 years in prison.  I began to incorporate principles that not only transformed me while still incarcerated but also making possible a successful transition back into society. As a motivational speaker i share with others what it takes to light up a path for their success! 

Igniting The Vision

The most damaging obstacle to a youth's  future is not having a healthy vision for their future. As a life coach i am able to have interactive dialogue and present strategic challenges, which can capture and lock in on a healthy vision and then  begin to move in step with that vision.

Workshops and Keynotes

As a motivational speaker i utilize all my abilities (powerful speeches, music (rap) and spoken word) to maneuver from surface discussions to the core issues that can darken a your path. Contact me and let's begin to lead our youth down a brighter path! 


Why Is The Room Dark

What is it that is diming your vision keeping you from accessing your brightest future? This portion is geared at bringing attention to your own experinces and how they have played a part at shaping your outlook. Identifying what is causing the dimness is the first step in moving towards a brighter future.

Let The LIght In

How do we remove what has dimed our vision? This portion deals with empowering you to deal with what has caused the dimness. Tools such as anger management, counseling, mentorship, and of the such can assist you in bringing down anything that is causing dimness. With the obtrusions now removed, the path is bright and the steps are clear.   

The Journey Begins

Where is it that you desire to go? Now that the obstacles have been properly identified and removed, we can move forward in the direction of growth and wellness. Laying hold of the best version of you allows you to succed on all levels of life.

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